Vivian’s Green Porch

Vivian’s Green Porch is inaudibly making its presence known in Benue by serving delicious meals. Arguably one of the best places to eat in Makurdi.

Romantic lunch, beautiful scenery and beautiful ambiance with well mannered staff. Varieties of food, The eatery is a cheerful place to be natural fresh Air, lively atmosphere, warm setting excellent services and friendly staff including the chef.

It is located at No. 10 Atom Kpera Road, Township, Makurdi, Benue state. 

The eatery is always open from Tuesday to Sundays and closed on Mondays with variety of food. Such as

  • (Jollof & Fried) Rice.
  • Sallow of any kinds.
  • Moimoi.
  • Indomie noodles garnished with Vegetables.
  • Meat pie. E.T.C.
  • With Soft Drinks.

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